Chrome Cottage Berlin

The Friedrichshain district of Berlin has a new boutique design hotel. The Chrome Cottage opened in mid-July 2016.

The small boutique design hotel offers 19 rooms and embodies the “urban cottage style”. Landhaus elements were combined with modern design. “Chrome Cottage offers a stylish retreat as a counterpart to the bright and noisy capital. We want guests to feel greeted like close friends, with no official reception, but with a heartfelt and relaxed welcoming, “says hotel director Mirko May. The rooms are available from 99 Euro per night.

Besides the rooms, the hotel offers the restaurant The Raw on the ground floor – Bar & Grill (60 seats) and the Mint coffee shop.

Haus Ungarn

haus-ungarnThe Haus Ungarn is are premium event space, conveniently located close to Alexanderplatz in Berlin. Here, modern elements are combined with the old, increasingly fleeting East German charm. A large foyer, an old wood-panelled cinema hall, gallery and workshop spaces as well as an outdoor area offer event agencies, companies, exhibitors, film professionals, musicians and private persons the opportunity to celebrate with or hold meetings and presentations for 50 to 1,200 guests.

Spindler & Klatt

spindler-klattThe Spindler & Klatt is a multi-functional concept combining restaurant, club and event venue. The aesthetic ideal it stands for is the “reduction to the essentials”. Original Asian antiques have been matched with purist, clean modern furniture. The flexibly pieces can be positioned in any combination, allowing for an optimal use of the sound and lighting equipment, and to create any desired atmosphere for events up to 500 guests (including concerts, artistic shows etc.).

The idea behind the Spindler & Klatt was to create an inspiring microcosm, on the River Spree, directly where the former East-West border used to run. A type of studio which represents Berlin at its core – confident, adaptable, creative and international.

The Grand

the-grandTHE GRAND – a landmarked detached, three-storey former school building from 1842, boasting with historic charm. Through a combination of restaurant, bar, club and extravagant event venues, the 1,000 square meter building is animated as ever, and one of Berlin’s TOP locations for the last years. The restaurant is open seven days a week. In the summer time guests can enjoy a magnificent outdoor terrace.

The Club is open Fridays and Saturdays for extensive partying into the early hours and is available on weekdays for exclusive events. For special corporate events, exclusive dinners or private parties, additional individual event spaces provide the perfect setting.